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Hey-ho, theorycrafter! You're crazy about numbers? You're perfectionist? You're always doing your best? HARD TRY? This site is your new home now!!!

We're talking about items, spells, tactics, rotations etc. Why? - Because we're aiming for maximizing effectiveness of anything we're do, in video games (mostly) effectiveness aka Energy conversion efficiency = Damage per Second. At this portal you can found calculations, spreadsheets, online calculators, formulas to complete your searching.

Currently we're working in Dota2 Hero Damage per second calculator. But in future we're aiming to work with other online games!

Join us! Become dpsGod!

Sulf / Sep 02, 2016

Finally! We are ready to release first revision of Dota2 Hero damage calculator. Calculator is pretty accurate and clear! Check it now!If project become popular, if there will be persons who are interesting in it - I will update calculator with fi...