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#12842412 Nov 09, 2016 at 07:17 PM · Edited 7 months ago
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Creating DPScalculator, updating it, fixing bugs, site maintenance are requiring lots of time spended, brainstorm for some situations and lots of efforts in general.
One wise man told: "Every effort should be rewarded".

And if you like the result of this efforts (this site and calculators), if you want to express your gratitude or if you want to stimulate our DPS-Theorycrafting-oriented community to grow up, finally if you want to stimulate faster updates(implimentation new heroes in DPS calculator, adding new games etc) - support us with your donations!

Free product cant be so good as paid product. So, donate if you wanna stimulate progress.
Donations are voluntary based. Supporters will get +carma and +luck with teammates/RNGcrits.


via Visa/Mastercard (using Liqpay transfer)
via Skrill

via Webmoney
wmz: Z179496180841
wme: E156189119995
wmr: R374023775632
wmu: U128439662670

via PayPal
not available yet

If you have any problems or suggestions, please, contact via :

#12972575 Jan 08, 2017 at 04:14 AM
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Trying to get paypal. Paypal got hard rules in my country.
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